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Dew Motion and TRANSCENDENCE film by Josh Neilson. - September 1, 2011

Dew Motion is pleased to announce its participation as a gold sponsor of the movie documentary, TRANSCENDENCE, by Josh Neilson of Southern Underground Production (SUP). This film is an attempt to go beyond the adrenalin based extreme sports stunt movies in order to meet the athlete face to face. Josh explains it this way: ' At the premieres for my films, a recurrent theme expressed by the viewers was that they thought we were crazy, mad or people with a death wish. This film project came about due to my lack of a response to these accusations. Years of training and experience has got me and my friends to the level of kayaking we are doing and I knew we were not ‘crazy’ but did not have the explanation. Over the 2009 New Zealand Summer I was researching the topic and came across the work of Dr Brymer - ‘Extreme Dude! A phenomenological perspective on the extreme sport experience’
After reading his thesis I had a greater understanding of the extreme sports experience and how to explain myself and my experiences. With my filming background I decided I wanted to share these findings with people to help them understand the people who choose to participate in the extreme sports experience. Transcendence will showcase interviews with athletes from a variety of sports, which involve the extreme sports experience. Among these are Whitewater kayaking ,B.A.S.E jumping, skiing, and free diving.
To shoot this film SUP will follow the athletes to the best destinations on earth to document their chosen discipline. Transcendence will be shot on location in New Zealand, Bahamas, USA, Australia and Norway among others. There will be a number of film premieres around NZ and overseas and it will be entered into as many film festivals possible including the NZ Mountain Film Festival, Banff Mountain Film Festival, X-Dance film festival, and many more. It is hoped that ‘Transcendence’ will be enjoyed for entertainment but also an educational tool for people studying sporting psychology. I hope to share this film with as many types of people possible with the aim to show a deeper side to the action sports films available today,says Neilson.