Dew Motion iStick Wireless Armband Published on 12/22/2011 by Ted Bendixson


Here are some really cool things I've noticed about using the iStick :


1. I can actually change my songs while riding! I haven't tried it yet, but I'm pretty sure I could switch to the next track mid-air too.

2. It's really easy to have a quick conversation with your bros before hitting the jumps. You press the button to pause it, say hi, and then resume.

3. You will drain less of your iPhone / iPod battery because you aren't using the LCD screen.

4. Stealth mode. You can control your music under your jacket sleeve with your gloves on.

Read the total testimonial on www.activejunky.com


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Dew in Colorado on FOX TV



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Hey guys-


I definitely get it! I think that product makes a ton of sense, and I think a lot of customers/consumers would agree with me. The arm strap is uncomfortable and awkward to wear for most high impact activities. When I was on my bike and using the DEW while ascending and fixing ropes and a new climbing area I didn’t even remember it was there after a few minutes.

As of right now there are no changes I can think of. However, I will be interested to see what happens in the winter when wearing the device under a shell.

Just in terms of potential full saturation of the materials from being worn underneath a shell, however I will say that in spring/summer use when I have definitely been sweating I didn’t have any issues.

To recap the usage that I have had with the unit were in three contexts:

  1. Biking - really comfortable...really easy...great application

  2. Running - comfortable...I’m not really a runner who listens to music, but found the unit to be perfectly functional

  3. Climbing - I am currently developing a new climbing area and this is where the product really shined for me! Hanging out on fixed lines scrubbing and cleaning routes was made infinitely better having the DEW. I didn’t have to worry about my iPod getting dirty or wet from me reaching into a pocket to switch songs. Typically in this setting my pockets are cut off from easy access by my harness, and having the iPod on my chest totally opened up ease of change. I will be hoping to get one to use in this setting in the future for sure!

Hope that helps and thank you for letting me try out the product!


Rich Wilson




Quand on passe plus de 20 heures par semaines a s'entraîner pour le Iroman, on a besoin d'équipements a la fine pointe, de toutes premières qualités, fiables et sur lesquels ont peut compter. Mon DEW fait partie de mon arsenal quotidien et ne m'a jamais laisser tomber. Que ce soit durant mes longues heures au vélo ou pour mes longues courses, je peux toujours m'y fier pour transporter mes effets personnels. Ainsi, mes clés, mes cartes et mon ipod me suivent partout, d'une façon sécuritaire et très efficace.

Marc Boisjoli
Double Ironman




Got some feedback on the quiver for you. All in all, I really like it. Especially when I'm running around town doing various errands and such it's a really convenient way to be able to play/pause and skip songs. Being able to adjust the volume on the fly is also nice so I can make sure I can hear traffic, or drown it out, whatever my choice.

I think as it is it's fantastic for a situation where you are planning to be outside using it for a long time. I would like to see something more modular that could be easily added to the strap of a messenger bag, as an alternative design, or as an included alternate way of wearing the device.

But OH MAN do I LOVE having those soft easy to reach buttons right there by my bag strap. So convenient for running errands and popping in and out of stores, skipping songs I don't want, or just stopping to chat with someone. Love it!

Hope this helps,

C. Sebastian Massey