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Dew Motion and Josh Neilson on the making of TRANSCENDENCE.

I remember coming out of the Banff Film Festival last January and thinking that I was becoming blasé of seeing yet another set of dudes jumping off another cliff that was supposed to be higher than the one before. Yes the natural settings and the photography were awesome at times, but I was going back home feeling quite empty. I was thinking to myself that what the public now wants is to get in touch with the athlete, to understand his world better and maybe get some tips that we can apply to our own experience.

About a year earlier, I had met Josh Neilson at the Teva Mountain Games in Vail and we immediately connected. When he contacted me last spring to share his concept for his new movie, TRANSCENDENCE, I was immediately hooked. He explained that the film was an attempt to go beyond the visual stunts in order to gain an insight on the extreme athlete's discipline and experience as he is doing his sport. I told him that not only did I think it was a great idea, but that I would be very interested to sponsor it. The rest is now to come.

Transcendence will showcase interviews with athletes from a variety of sports, which involve the extreme sports experience. Among these are Whitewater kayaking ,B.A.S.E jumping, skiing, and free diving. To shoot this film SUP will follow the athletes to the best destinations on earth to document their chosen discipline. Transcendence will be shot on location in New Zealand, Bahamas, USA, Australia and Norway among others. Transcendence will break down the extreme sports experience and in each chapter explain what the athlete experiences. These chapters will cover: Preparation, Approach, Activity and Post-Activity. By exploring each of these stages of the experience SUP can share more than the high adrenaline images seen in most ‘adventure action films’ and portray what is really going on for the athletes in the moment. This will in turn show the intense concentration, skill and mental stability needed to participate in such experiences and therefore void the current view of them being ‘crazy’.

Over the 12 months leading up to the film we will be releasing trailers to keep people up to date with the progress of the film. Some of the information in the interviews will not be used in the final product and we will use this to grow an understanding of what to expect in the film. These will be able to be viewed on the film website and all of out social networking sites from the Southern Underground Productions AND DEW MOTION page. This will also be accompanied by photos and the missions SUP are on at the time. Once we have all the footage SUP need and the interviews are all completed SUP will put together an approximately 45min long feature which will be ‘Transcendence’. There will be a number of film premieres around NZ and overseas and it will be entered into as many film festivals possible including the NZ Mountain Film Festival, Banff Mountain Film Festival, X-Dance film festival, and many more. It is hoped that ‘Transcendence’ will be enjoyed for entertainment but also an educational tool for people studying sporting psychology. As Josh says; ' I hope to share this film with as many types of people possible with the aim to show a deeper side to the action sports films available today. I envisage this film being inspirational for young people getting into extreme sports and offer them information on what they may face along the way. '

About Josh Neilson:

Josh is not a new comer to the scene. He started Southern Underground Productions (SUP) in 2006 after his first world kayaking tour when he produced ‘ My Eyes Will Never Dry’. This was the beginning for Josh and has since made 3 other films used to raise money for a Malaria Clinic in Uganda. His latest film ‘Realm’ followed four kayakers on their journey through different facets of the kayaking world. It premiered in NZ, California and Quebec and was awarded the ‘Special Jury Award’ at the NZ Mountain Film Festival.

Visit his website on www.southernundergroundproductions.com




Meet the Tribe Leader

Martial artist, Buddhist, skier and passionate entrepreneur, Frederic Blouin is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Dew Motion inc.

After selling his technology company, Fred had a change of direction in how he looked at his entrepreneurship. “I wanted my next companies to be the extension of my personality and passions rather than my own ambition.”

The greatest reward so far has been to see how many people are eager to spread the news. This is how you can grow a company while having both feet on the ground. Keeping it real all the way.

Just as cool are the people that have come on board to make this venture a success. Mike Turner, VP of Sales, Andrea Diamant, VP marketing, and Arnaud Claude, International Business Development are all veterans executives who have worked with some of the best known companies such as Teva, Deckers, Rollerblade, and Rugby.

My hope is that our products and passion will allow people to gain a greater enjoyment of their world. So, go ahead and Show Your Beat!